Monday, June 18, 2012

Until When

I wonder. Have I outgrown my Blogging phase? Was it really only a phase?  Part of me hopes not. I really enjoyed it. But another part wouldn't mind shedding the nagging bit of guilt over having created and maintained this blog for so long only to suddenly drop off completely.  The little voice nags.... you really, really need to do something about your Blog.

I just haven't figured out what yet.  So here it sits, neglected and dry. And here it will continue to sit until I discover what direction it may need to move in.  I may not change a thing but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to drudge up the energy to make the normal happenings of our lives sound even remotely interesting to anyone but us. 

We're busy. Mad-busy. And life is great. God is Awesome. Exciting new things are happening.

But I seem to have lost the drive necessary to take the time to sit and present it.

So here The Crazy Side sits and will continue to sit until I am struck with Creative Inspiration.  For those of you who will bear with me, I thank you.  And for those of you who move on, I understand. Completely.

I have no idea how long this Creative Freeze may last.

Who knows. This little tidbit of honesty may be the very thing needed to bring back my desire to wax poetic about mundane things.

Or not. 

Time will only tell.  :)

Until when,
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